Zurich - Unique Events

Healing Breathwork session with Tim - Wim Hoff trained therapist
22nd of May 2019, 7.15-9.15pm, private venue, Hottingerplatz

Tim Herman is a 400h Sivananda Yoga Teacher, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a biodynamic breathwork & trauma release therapist who is trained by Wim Hof.
Breathwork is a very effective way to release physical, psychological & emotional stress and tension that we carry with us. With the deep and connected breath we can reconnect to our true nature. The connected breathing cleanses your nervous system and makes room for clarity, new insights and healing. The event will be assisted by at least one other Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release practitioner to ensure that you have a great experience.


Breathwork with Tim


Mahara McKay

Letting go of fear and stepping into your power

Details: 18th of May, 2.30-4.30pm, Location: Gravity9

Mahara is an international Yoga, Tantra and Dance instructor with a vast repertoire of healing arts and empowering tools. She leads well-attended workshops across the globe and offers private sessions to help others to find self love, serenity, empower themselves and unlock their own gifts. She holds several certifications in various styles of Yoga, Tantric and Shamanic Arts, Wim Hof Method, Breathwork & Meditation, Authentic Movement & Dance which she passionately shares with anyone interested to learn. On the 18th of May in Zurich, she will offer a unique workshop focused on releasing blockages of fear so you can move towards freedom, love & joy.


Workshop with Mahara McKay ‘What is love’?

Details: 19th of May 2019, 5pm-7pm, Location: private venue close to Hottingerplatz, Wolfbachstrasse, 8032 Zürich

Mahara: "Love allows us to experience the feeling of oneness. You will encounter the blockages and barriers on your way to love. Do you crave deeper intimacy and ecstatic connection in your relationship? Are you curious about integrating spirituality in your relationships?" Then this is a workshop for you.

PS. The workshop is children-friendly. There is a parent who brings their 10-year old daughter.

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Workshop with Mahara McKay

25th of May 2019, 2pm-4.30pm, Dakini, Siedwerdtstrasse 95, 8050 Zürich

Emotional Release with internationally acclaimed teacher and therapist Mahara McKay

Mahara teaches you in this workshop 7 different tools to clear stuck emotions in the body, heal trauma, ease stiffness in the body that paths the way to heal ailments within the body. After this workshop you will be able to learn and apply these tools in your life to get out of your mind and understand your subconscious conditioning through accessing the body.

Anyyogi Classes at Changemaker - Ethik küsst Ästhetik

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Thanks to the wonderful store Changemaker - Ethik küsst Ästhetik, we offer Anyyogi classes in their beautiful store on the second floor - right in the heart of the old town in Zurich.

Join flexible Yoga classes with different Yoga teachers on Thursdays at 7pm - to unwind and rejuvenate after work in a beautiful surrounding.

Next classes: 9th of May, 23rd of May, 13th of June, 27th of June 2019, each time 7.10-8.00pm, Bring your own mat.


Berlin - Regular Community Classes


Anyyogi at be'kech in Wedding

** Every Sunday, 9.30-10.30 Donation-based Class & bring your own mat

Next Classes: 19th of May 2019

We now have regular Anyyogi Classes at Be.Kech in Wedding. Different Teachers will offer their classes in this location, facilitating a variety of Yoga practices. All classes are donation-based to make Yoga accessible to anyone. Bring your own mat or message us if you do not have one.

Be.Kech offers delicious vegan brunch and runs on a 5cents per Minute offer allowing everyone to have access to healthy food and a co-working in a wonderful atmosphere. We are super happy to offer Anyyogi classes here!Class is donation-based to make Yoga accessible to anyone. Bring your own mat or message us if you do not have one.