Zurich - Unique Events

Anyyogi at Paint-lounge in Zurich

Special Workshop with the international Kundalini Teacher Leonie

After two very popular workshops with Leonie she will come again to Zurich on the 28st of April to hold a Kundalini Workshop about Conscious Communication.

We are speaking, listening, writing, chatting, calling and liking everyday. And as the Communication Professional and well known author Paul Watzlawick said: one cannot not communicate. As interacting with our surroundings shapes our being and sense of reality, we will explore this human habit in this 90 Minutes Yoga class. How, why and with which purpose do we send our messages in the world? And how can we react on its feedback?

Our host is the Paintlounge Bederstrasse 82 who allow us to host Yoga classes surrounded by beautiful art pieces and crafts.

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Magical Movement & Reiki

Sunday, 24. March 2019, 10-11am

Join Valentine for a blissful morning at Paintlounge this  will be a  slow flow class ending with some deep luxurious yin yoga with hands on Reiki healing. This is the perfect blend of flow & chill for your Sunday morning. Beginners Welcome. This class is for everyone and will be focused on healing whatever you may be going through and feeling divine! 

Reiki Bliss Yin & Meditation

Sunday, 14th of April 2019, 7-8pm

Join Valentine for a slow morning of Yin Yoga, Meditation, intention setting, Reiki and Fairy Cards. This class is accessible to everyone. Prepare to feel blissful and float into your Sunday with ease and clarity. There will be essential oils and hands on and off Reiki Healing. 

Anyyogi Classes at Changemaker - Ethik küsst Ästhetik

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Thanks to the wonderful store Changemaker - Ethik küsst Ästhetik, we offer Anyyogi classes in their beautiful store on the second floor - right in the heart of the old town in Zurich.

Join flexible Yoga classes with different Yoga teachers on Thursdays at 7pm - to unwind and rejuvenate after work in a beautiful surrounding.

Next classes: 9th of May, 23rd of May, 13th of June, 27th of June 2019, each time 7.10-8.00pm, Bring your own mat.


Coming soon - Mahara comes to Switzerland


The beautiful Yoga and Tantra Teacher Mahara McKay will be back in Switzerland in May!

She will offer two Anyyogi Yin classes, one of them is a special Yin Nidra class and you will have the unique opportunity to join a Tantra weekend with Mahara.

Get on our mailing-list to get the invitation for the early-bird tickets to secure a space with Mahara.


Berlin - Regular Community Classes


Anyyogi at be'kech in Wedding

** Every Sunday, 9.30-10.30 Donation-based Class & bring your own mat

Next Classes: 17th of March

We now have regular Anyyogi Classes at Be.Kech in Wedding. Different Teachers will offer their classes in this location, facilitating a variety of Yoga practices. All classes are donation-based to make Yoga accessible to anyone. Bring your own mat or message us if you do not have one.

Be.Kech offers delicious vegan brunch and runs on a 5cents per Minute offer allowing everyone to have access to healthy food and a co-working in a wonderful atmosphere. We are super happy to offer Anyyogi classes here!Class is donation-based to make Yoga accessible to anyone. Bring your own mat or message us if you do not have one.

Berlin - Yoga and Art Tour

We are hosting unique Events of Yoga classes followed by a guided Art Tours in partnership with Art Tours Berlin.