How does the Platform work


Our mission is to spread the wisdom of yoga in all its different forms and make the scientifically proven positive influence on mind, body and spirit available to anyone. Yoga creates the path to a more joyous, peaceful and purposeful way of living. However, asanas are only one part of the recipe of yoga for a more powerful and beautiful way of living. We wish to make the whole recipe a ‘success-ipe’ for ANYONE.


Anyyogi is a platform that brings yoga classes into shared spaces by connecting yogis and teachers in a user-friendly manner. We want to make yoga accessible to anyone, as we believe every one of us can benefit from a yoga and meditation practice. Our events strengthen the yoga community outside traditional studios and are a possibility to connect, inspire, share and grow in a community of mind-liked people. We believe that many good things happen when inspiring yogis gather and connect.

To break down the three players and how they benefit:

(1) YOGI STUDENTS: Members of the Anyyogi tribe get the opportunity to attend unique, special events with our carefully selected yoga teachers and have an opportunity to meet likeminded yogis. Thanks to avoided or reduced intermediary studio rental and infrastructure costs our classes and workshops will be more affordable. Our events are a special opportunity to connect with kind and inspiring people, gather and create a space of non-judgement, joy and peaceful togetherness.

(2) TEACHER: Anyyogi provides a platform for them not only for yoga teachers to teach more with more flexibility, but to teach without most of the payment going to costly studio renting. We're still getting set up, but soon each teacher will have a profile and review system so they will have the freedom to travel to new cities and teach with their reputation accessible to future students.

(3) HOST: Not only does the host get to host a unique event, they benefit through attending the yoga class for free or even promoting their own services.