Yoga Teachers

Yoga helps thousands of individuals to improve their physical, mental and emotional health. However, dedicated Yoga teachers earn very little. due to high expenses for rent and marketing. Anyyogi helps Yoga teachers with mitigating some of the costs – to make Yoga more accessible for anyone. Anyyogi connects Yoga teachers and hosts of spaces suitable for Yoga classes outside the studios Yoga teachers can teach their own styles and define the classes. During 2019 we take 20% of the revenue of the Yoga teachers. We are hoping to be able to reduce the percentage with further growth of Anyyogi.

Host of classes

Our hosts offer the space free of charge or for a small percentage of the revenue of the teacher. If the space is offered free of charge, you practice Yoga for free and you can invite a friend as your “plus-one”. If you want to receive a percentage of the revenue of the teacher, we recommend setting the amount for not more than 12%.

  • Host a private Yoga event: You define the details of the class and your desired Yoga style. You invite your friends to participate in the class & you set the price for the participants. (donation-based is possible as well). We organise the teacher based on your personalised request.

  • Host a public Yoga event: You send us your wishes for the class, yoga style, duration, language, the date of the class and we allocate a suitable teacher. The class is open for everyone to join. We do respect your data privacy and the details of your location will only be shared with Ticketholders who have already paid for the class. You invite an additional friend to attend the class free of charge.. Option to set up a series of yoga classes (eg. every Monday evening)


Anyyogi allows you to practice Yoga according to your needs without a studio commitment for affordable prices. All Teachers who offer classes over our platform are certified and insured with Yoga Alliance and approved by us. We also respond to individual Yoga class requests - if you want a private class for you and your friends, or within your corporation.