Personalised Corporate Workshops


We offer corporate Yoga and Meditation workshops that we personalised to the individual needs and requests of the corporation.  Our programs can be shaped to either be a team-building experience or a leadership program. 

Leadership Workshops

Sustainable leadership requires adaptivity, integrity and mental stability. 

  • One of the main characteristics of good leadership and innovation is adaptivity towards new challenges with openness and ease. It is known that in order to uphold adaptivity as a sustainable skill, new neuroplasticity in the brain must be created. Yoga and meditation allows for such creation of neuroplasticity in a sustainable manner. 
  • Integrity is the ability to make value-based decisions in order to align with the company’s ethical code as well as one's own morale. Yoga and meditation are grounding practices that enhance the ability to resist impulsive reactions and to make conscious decisions aligned with personal values.
  • Management positions are to a large extent relational and thus benefit from emotional intelligence and mental stability. Yoga and Meditation calm down the nervous system, clear the mind and enhance one's own self-awareness. An improved sense for oneself expands the capacity to successfully engage with others. Further benefits are a healthy mind-set towards stress and emotional challenges.

Our leadership workshops can include presentations on the scientific aspects of Yoga and Meditation effects on the mind, the connection between body and mind, the nervous system and overall health and wellbeing. We also teach simple Yoga and Meditation techniques that can be integrated into the daily routines without going to a yoga studio (e.g. releasing stress from the spine or neck, techniques to balance the hemispheres of the brain, simple stress relief exercises).

Besides different kinds of Yoga styles and teachers, our programs can also integrate yoga nidra (yogic sleep), different kinds of meditation or sound baths and sound immersion.  

Team Building Workshops

Team building workshops are designed to enhance the group dynamic by a shared experience outside the corporate context. We design an experiential workshop where the social aspect is in the focus. Such workshops are meant to be joyful and a chance to enhance social connections. Our workshops align with the corporate environment, leaving great space between the participants and sequencing the yoga class in a manner that does not allow drifting the focus away towards others. Such team building workshops invite to integrate playful aspects of yoga, as for instance yoga nidra (yogic sleep).

We are delighted to respond to the individual needs of your corporation and design a pleasurable and enriching experience for your team. In both of our workshops we additionally teach ‘Office Yoga and Meditation Techniques’ shaped to release tension from sitting positions, to release stress and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, to balancing the hemispheres of the brain or to activate a particular hemisphere of the brain to enhance e.g. creativity (right brain function). 

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