Several research concluded that spending regular days in the mountains leaves an everlasting positive impact on our lives: we experience stress relieve, a positive perspective on life and a cleared mind focused on enjoying the moment.

Whether it is a day of skiing or hiking, the natural mountain air has a calming and soothing effect on our mind and spirit that usually results in a deep healing sleep at the end of the day. Those benefits combined with Yoga provide blissful and rejuvenating experiences.

During your ski vacation, yoga awakens and strengthens the muscles in the morning and restores and relaxes them in the evening. Yoga is known to act as the ideal supplement to your workout, preventing injuries and balancing the energies of the body.

But, this is not just about it. Here are a few amazing ways in which yoga benefits skiers:

1.     Flexibility

Being flexible is important for a professional skier. This is what yoga blesses you with – flexible spine, flexible ankle, and knee joints. As a matter of fact, a skier would find it difficult to ski without strong and flexible ankle joints. Further, ankles with reduced flexibility can also lead to injuries.

2.     Relaxation

It goes without saying that yoga relaxes both your mind and body. Thus, when you have a relaxed mind and body, you are able to perform much better and sooner you are ready for new training stimuli.

3.     Maximal oxygen uptake

Having a strong respiratory system is of utmost importance for a professional skier. This is probably because a skier goes through stress during training and also struggles for oxygen during colder temperatures.

This is when yoga practices like pranayama can help you build a higher body resistance. Further, a regular practice of pranayama can even boost the capacity of your lungs, thus, helping you improve your performance.

4.     Concentration and focus

It goes without saying that yoga helps you boost your focus and concentration which thereby helps you to learn things quickly during training, thereby improving your performance.

In order to perform better in a race, a skier needs to have a high level of focus. A successful skier is one who stays calm and composed even in difficult situations like, challenging weather, expert competitors, and bad skis.

As a skier, you need to constantly perform better and push your limits which can only be attained through a high degree of focus.

5.     Emotional stability

A regular yoga session helps you improve your emotional stability and helps you in coping when going gets tough. As a successful skier, it is necessary that you stay relaxed during intense training periods and championships.

Thus, this pretty much explains as to how yoga proves to be successful for skiers and should be practiced daily. In order to get yoga classes customised for your ski experiences, Anyyogi offers amazing packages of Yoga and Ski classes in partnership with My-Mountains.