What you experience in a sound bath is truly unique. In a sound bath you hear different sound frequencies that stimulate the body and mind in a way that deep relaxation and a blissful state of consciousness occur. 

Sound baths are for groups of people where each person has their own personal space. The experience begins with each person lying down on a comfortable mat often with cushioning where the participants are enchanted by the sound landscape. The instruments used are usually singing bowls and tuning folks like Om, the 8 Solar harmonics and the 9 Solfeggios. Through this entrainment of sound and frequencies the energy centres of the body become more balanced during a profound state of relaxation. The purpose of a sound bath is to induce healing and explore a personal inquiry. Every sound bath will be different and truly unique for each participant.   

People who have undergone a sound bath therapy report various benefits that are not only short-term but also long-term consequences: enhanced emotional well-being, deeper sleep, lower blood pressure, pain relief, improved concentration and an enhanced state of internal happiness. People who come to sound baths on a regular basis observe positive changes within themselves that affect all areas of their lives. However, already one session of sound meditation can have a profound effect on the emotional and physical well being of one person. One participant reported:

‘It is as there is no space for anger and resentment within myself anymore.’

As sound baths are a profound holistic method that are not yet established within European culture, Anyyogi is honoured to be able to offer unique events with sound therapist Christine M. Grimm from California. A preceding yoga class is designed to downshift the nervous system that allows participants to start the sound bath in a relaxed state. The unique combination of Yoga and sound bath allows you to experience blissful states of relaxation and consciousness. We are excited about our first yoga and sound bath event on Sunday the 17th of December 2017.