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Anyyogi in Co-Working Spaces

Anyyogi organises Yoga and meditation classes in co-working spaces promoting well-being and balance at work. We work to match up your space with the best local teachers with our user-friendly booking tool.

How does it work?

  • The available room in a co-working space must fit a minimum of 10 yoga mats.
  • The co-working space sets the available hours for yoga classes.
  • Our approved and certified teachers can offer classes in the available hours. 
  • Once the teacher booked a spot, the classes are open to the co-workers and Anyyogi members alike. 
  • Yoga mats can either be brought along by the yoga clients or an number of yoga mats can be installed for rent.


  • Discounted yoga for co-working members upon agreement
  • Work-efficiency for members (yoga increases focus, confidence and energy)
  • Health benefits for members
  • Time and energy efficiency for members (no commuting to yoga classes)
  • Flexible classes organised around members’ schedules
  • Personalised classes to the specific needs and wishes of members
  • Networking and socialising between members and non-members alike
  • Promoting your co-working space through our marketing channel
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If you are a co-working owner or member and interested in having yoga classes in your co-working space, get in touch with us. 

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